Cómo escribir un Email para PET (B1)


Compulsory task: yes.

Word count: around 100 words.

Register: it depends on who are you writing to.
Formal if you write to a teacher/boss.
Informal if you write to a friend.


Make sure you answer all the four prompts.
The examiner must understand what the original email said without reading it.

Say hi!
Depending on who you are writing to, start simply with ‘Hi!’ or ‘Dear Mr/Mrs + surname’

Four main prompts to develop:
They are always given in the exam.
These prompts usually ask you:
– to agree or disagree with a point.
– to express a preference about something.
– to explain something.
– to make a suggestion.
– to express an opinion.

Formal if you write to a teacher/boss: Thanks again for you help and see you on Monday in class.
Informal if you write to a friend: Drop me a line if you have time!

Useful sentences to agree/disagree:
I couldn’t agree more.
I agree/disagree with you.
I think you’re right/wrong.
I’m not sure about that.
I (don’t) think so.

Useful sentences to express a preference about something:
I prefer (not) to + verb.
I prefer X to Y.
I like X better than Y.
I like + verb with ING + better than + verb with ING.

Useful sentences to refuse something:
I can’t make it, because…
I’m (really) sorry, but it’s impossible for me to…..because…..
It’s very tempting, but…
I can’t (go, make it, do it..) this time.

Useful sentences to explain something:
Because (of)…
That’s (the reason) why…
This means…
For example…

Useful sentences to ask for info:
Can/could you tell me more about…?
Do you know (if)…?
I wonder if you could tell me.. (more formal)

Useful sentences to express an opinion:
In my opinion,
I think…
It seems to me that…
To be honest, I’d rather + verb without ‘to’

Useful sentences to make a suggestion:
Why don’t you/we…?
Shall we….?
How about + verb with ING?
I suggest + verb with ING
Don’t you think…?
Maybe we could….
If I were you, I would + verb without ‘to’

Proof reading!

Once you finish, read again and make sure there are no typos or other mistakes.
Have you used interesting grammar and vocabulary related to the task?
Have you responded to the four prompts in the correct order?


Hi Sandy,
Yeah, I can’t wait to see you! I can’t believe that we’re going to spend one week together!

I’d love to go to that concert with you because I’m sure we’d have a lot of fun, and you know I love rock. It’s my favourite genre!

In regards to the climbing, I prefer not to go because I hurt my knee last week and I shouldn’t force it much, but we can go for short walks in town if you prefer.

I just have one quick question. Can you tell me if I’ll need my jacket? Let me know because in April here in Spain it is already warm, but I’m not sure about the UK.

See you in a few weeks!

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