Modal verbs: WILL

WILL/WON’T (will not)

  • Used when we have just decided to do something.
    “I’m too tired to walk. I’ll take the bus”
    “I’m hot today. I won’t wear a jacket”
  • Future time.
    “She will come soon”
  • Sometimes it can be used to talk about now.
    “Don’t call Anna now. She will be working” (she will be working now)
  • Promise/willingness.
    “I will go for a run every morning”
    “I won’t tell anyone what happened”
  • Polite question.
    “Will you give me a hand with my project?”
    “Won’t you stay for lunch?”
  • Expresses certainty.
    “I will go to spinning class tonight” (you are going 100% sure)
  • Used for saying whether something is possible.
    “Will this jacket fit you?”
    “£50 will buy enough food for a family for a week”
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