Modal verbs: WOULD

  • Polite question.
    “Would you give me a hand with my project?”
  • Invitations/preferences/desires.
    “Would you prefer pizza or pasta?”
    “I would like pasta”
  • Used when we imagine a situation or action (we think of something that is not real)
    “It would be nice to buy a new car, but we can’t afford it”
    “I’d love to live in a big city”
    “I would call Sam, but I don’t have his number”

Sometimes ‘would/wouldn’t’ is the past of ‘will/won’t’.
“I’ll call you on Sunday”      —— “He said he would call me on Sunday”
“I promise I won’t be late”  —— “I promised that I wouldn’t be late”

Somebody wouldn’t do something = they refused to do it.
“I tried to warn her, but she wouldn’t listen to me” (she refused to listen)
“The car wouldn’t start”
(it ‘refused’ to start)

Would have + past participle = used for the past.
“I would have gone but I had things to do”
“I wouldn’t have been pleased to hear those news”
“I would have called Sam, but I didn’t have his number”

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