Passive voice with reporting verbs: Past

People say these things, but they might not be true.

Subject + reporting verb + to have + past participle.
“Our neighbour is said to have caused the accident”
“The manager is understood to have spoken to her team”
“She was rumoured to have won the lottery”

Other examples:

Sammy works very hard (active voice)

It is said that Sammy works very hard.

Sammy is said to work very hard.

The police are looking for a missing girl.

It is believed that the girl is wearing a red dress.

The girl is believed to be wearing a red dress.

Our boss in at the police station.

It is believed that he hit a policeman.

He is believed to have hit a policeman.

It is reported that two people were injured in the robbery.

Two people are reported to have been injured in the robbery.

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