Superlative adjectives

Short adjectives (one syllable or two-syllable words that end in -y)

The + adjective + est

cheap – the cheapestslow – the slowest
long – the longestlarge – the largest
old – the oldeststrong – the strongest
nice – the nicestsmall – the smallest
easy – the easiestfully – the fullest

“This book is the cheapest in the shop”

“My hair is the longest”

“I’m the oldest person in class”

“English is the easiest language”

Double consonant = when the adjective has one syllable and ends vowel + consonant.

hot – the hottestwet – the wettest
sad – the saddestthin – the thinnest
big – the biggestfat – the fattest
mad – the maddest 

Long adjectives (+2 syllables)

The most + adjective

careful – the most carefuldifficult – the most difficult
expensive – the most expensivereliable – the most reliable
intelligent – the most intelligentinteresting – the most interesting
patient – the most patientpeaceful – the most peaceful

“This is the most expensive flat in the neighbourhood”

“My brother is the most intelligent person I know”

“This is the most interesting book I have ever read”

Irregular adjectives

good/wellbetterthe best
bad/badlyworsethe worst
farfarther, furtherthe farthest, the furthest
littlelessthe least
many/muchmorethe most
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