Adjectives + ‘-ed’ or ‘-ing’

-ED adjectives: they generally describe emotions/feelings. It can only be used with people or animals.

Bored                         Worried
Interested                  Confused
Excited                       Frustrated

-ING adjectives: they generally describe the thing that causes the emotion/feeling. It can be used with people, animals, things, situation, places, ideas…

Boring                         Worrying
Interesting                 Confusing

I’m bored because the film is boring.

I’m interested in learning English and the classes are very interesting.

I’m going to Australia next month. I’m so excited! This trip is going to be very exciting!

My parents are worried because they lost their jobs, and that’s a worrying situation.

My cat is confused. She has a new feeder, which is confusing for her.

I’m quite frustrated because this client is so frustrating!

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