If only/I wish

If only/I wish + past simple
to talk about present situations we want to change.

“I wish the weather were not so cold!” (the weather is very cold in the present and I don’t like it)
“If only he called me!” (he hasn’t called me yet and I want him to call me)

If only/I wish + past perfect
to talk about regrets. Something we did/didn’t do in the past.

“I wish we hadn’t argued” (we did argue a lot and now I think that was a bad idea)
“If only I had bought that lottery ticket… I would be rich now! (but I didn’t, and now I’m not rich)

If only/I wish + Subject + would + infinitive
to express annoyance.

“I wish you wouldn’t be so bossy” (you are bossy and I don’t like it)
“If only it wouldn’t rain so much, London would be perfect!” (I love London but it rains a lot!)

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