Modal Verbs: MAY


  • Possibility.
    “My boss may be late today”
    “He may not come early today”

    “He might be listening to music” (if you think he is doing it now)
  • Permission (more formal than ‘can’)
    “May I open the window?”
  • Used to talk about possible actions or happenings in the future. (same as ‘might’ and ‘could’)
    “I haven’t decided yet where to go on holiday…I may go to Italy” (= perhaps I will go there)
    “Sam may not come to the party” (perhaps will not come)

May (not) have + past participle OR Might (not) have + past participle (Used for the past)
“I may have left my keys in the car. They are not in my pocket”
“I might have left my phone at home. I can’t find it anywhere”

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