Passive voice = Subject + to be (conjugated) + past participle + rest of the sentence

Used when we prefer not to mention who or what does the action, maybe because we don’t know, because it is obvious or because we don’t want to say.

Used when we start a sentence with the most important/logical information.

If we want to mention who or what performs the action, we use the preposition ‘by’.

Used in more formal writing.

Active: Spielberg directed ET.
               subj         verb     object

Passive:  ET    was directed by Spielberg.
              object        verb           subject

REMEMBER: ‘To be’ must agree with the subject.

  Present simple    She takes photos    Photos are taken  Is/are + past participle  
  Present continuous    She is taking photos  Photos are being taken  Is/are being + past participle
  Past simple    She took photos  Photos were taken  Was/were + past participle
  Past continuous    She was taking photos  Photos were being taken  Was/were being + past participle
  Present perfect    She has taken photos  Photos have been taken  Has/have been + past participle
  Past perfect    She had taken photos  Photos had been taken  Had been + past participle
  Future simple    She will take photos  Photos will be taken  Will be + past participle  
Modal verbsShe must take photosPhotos must be takenMust
Should + be + past participle (present)
Would      + have been + past participle (past)  
Have to 
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