Passive voice with reporting verbs: Present

People say these things, but they might not be true.


It + reporting verb (is said/believed/thought/known…) + that + subject + verb.
“It is believed that the murderer is no longer in the city”

Other tenses:
It was said/believed/thought… that + subject + verb
“It was thought that the building could collapse”

It has been said/announced/suggested… that + subject + verb
“It has been announced that they are going to cancel the strike”

Reporting verbs: agree, announce, believe, claim, consider, decide, expect, feel, find, imply, know, propose, recommend, say, suggest, suppose, think, understand.


It + reporting verb + to + infinitive.
“It has been agreed to change the dates of the meeting”
“It is forbidden to drink or smoke in common areas”

Reporting verbs: agree, decide, forbid, hope, plan, propose.

Subject + is/are + reporting verb (said/believed/thought/known…) + to + infinitive.
“He is said to have a lot of money”
“The criminals are thought to be highly dangerous”
“Nadal is considered to be the best tennis player of all time”
“The band is said to be planning to go on a tour” (continuous form)

Reporting verbs: consider, expect, feel, know, say, suppose, think, understand.

Other tenses:
Subject + was/were + reporting verb + to + infinitive
“They were believed to be spies” 

            Subject + has/have been + reporting verb + to + infinitive
            “She has been expected to arrive on time”

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