Reported speech


 Direct speechReported speech 
Present simpleI want to goShe told me she wanted to go  Past simple
Present continuousI’m eatingShe said she was eatingPast continuous  
Past simpleI saw her arriveHe told me he had seen her arrive  Past perfect
Past continuousPeople were queuingPaul said people had been queuingPast perfect continuous  
Present perfectI have drunk a lotHe said he had drunk a lotPast perfect  
Present perfect continuous  The film has been longMy cousins said the film had been long  Past perfect continuous
Past perfectThe train had arrived on timeShe said the train had arrived on timePast perfect
(no change)  
Past perfect continuousWe had been going for daysHe told me they had been going for daysPast perfect continuous
(no change)  
Future simple (will)I will give you a liftHe said he would give me a lift  Would
Future perfectBy next week, I will have done my examShe told me that by the following week he would have done his exam  Would have
Present passiveThe book is written in FrenchHe said that the book was written in French  Past passive
Present passive continuous  Many shops are being closedShe told me that may shops were being closedPast passive continuous


Direct speechReported speech
IHe / she
YouI / They
MeHim / her
MyHis / her
MineHis / hers
YourMy Their
YoursMine Theirs
TheseThose / the


Direct speechReported speech
CanI can do itShe said she could do itCould  
MustYou must leaveHe told me I had to leaveMust
Had to
We may go to the cinemaThey said they might go to the cinema  Might
May (permission)May I open the window?He asked if he could open the window  Could
ShallWhat shall we get her as a gift?They wondered what they should/could give her  Should
Might  I might arrive lateHe said he might arrive late  Might
Ought to  You ought to studyHe said to me I ought to study  Ought to
Would  I would do itShe said she would do itWould
Should  You should sleepShe said to me I should sleep  Should
CouldI couldn’t speak French when I was a child.  She said she couldn’t speak French when she was a child  Could
WouldI wouldn’t do it  He said he wouldn’t do itWould


Direct speechReported speech
Today That day  
Tonight That night  
TomorrowThe next day
The following day  
YesterdayThe day before
The previous day  
NowAt that moment
In one hour/day/month One hour/day/month later  
Last week/night/monthThe previous week/night/month
The week/night/month before
Next week/day/monthThe following week/day/month
The next week/day/month
The week/day/month after
At the presentAt the time


Direct speechReported speech
Do you like…? He asked me if I liked…
Are you sleeping?He asked me if I was sleeping
Will you come?He asked me if I would come
Did you eat?He asked me if I had eaten
Have you slept?He asked me if I had slept
Were you queuing?He asked me if I had been queuing


Direct speechReported speech
What are you eating?She asked me what I was eating  
Where is the station, please?She asked me where the station was  
Who’s that man?She asked me who that man had been  
When are you leaving?She asked me when I was leaving  
How are you?She asked me how I was  
Why is he shouting?She asked me why he was shouting  


Direct speechReported speech
Come with meHe told me/us to go with him  
Don’t answer the phoneHe told me/us not to answer the phone  


Direct speechReported speech
Let’s go to the zooHe suggested going to the zoo
He suggested that we go to the zoo  
Why don’t we go to the zoo?He suggested that we should go to the zoo
He suggested that we go to the zoo  
I wouldn’t buy that oneHe advised me not to buy that one  
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